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BMW Throttle Actuator Repair - USA & Canada

If you have a faulty actuator, this has nothing to do with gears.

A common electronics failure with the S85 and S65 engines on BMW's Models: E90 E92 E93 E60 E63 E64 M3 M5 M6

Part Numbers:

BMW 13627838085 - S65 M3
BMW 13627834494 - S85 M5 / M6


Common symptoms is the car going into limp mode, fault code 2B15 (throttle bank 1) and 2B16 (Throttle bank 2). This can include DSC, and start assistant failure. This is a common problem on BMW cars. We provide a BMW throttle actuator repair, this will solve symptoms with reduced power and start assistant failure for M3 M5 and M6 BMW's. If you read the cars fault code and see 2B15 or 2B16 it is most likely a faulty circuit board in the actuators.

Sadly many people around the world have been mislead by the internet, actuator failure is mainly due to electronic failures and not really much to do with the gears. Generally electronics inside Throttle Actuators fail around 55k miles, the gear wear inside this unit at that mileage would be present on just 3 teeth and you will see some fine dust inside. This is normal, sadly people believe this tiny wear cause intermittent failures. However if you have done 100K+ miles we have seen teeth worn down almost nothing, this causes the gears to bind and lock when closing or gear to slip when opening.

So yes we replacement gears, we use only the best and have a lifetime warranty and they are self lubricating and designed to out live the car. The plastics we use are second to none. Our replacement gears are better than the original equipment fitted in the cars. Electronics: We fully rebuild and upgrade the board, with higher power, higher temperature and better quality components.

Never USE BRASS GEARS! 2 major issues! Week point in the half gear will crack and fail, see where the black screw is holding the shaft - major weak point. Also the bass reacts with the steel pin - "PATINA" is the chemical reaction of Brass in contact with other metals. Results: The Brass gear will SEIZE on the steel pin.

Be aware of cheap copies of 3D printed gears don't align correctly and don't last! Many eBay kits are worst then the original bmw ones. you will see the half gear don't fix correctly on the shafts and comes loose after a month. Always replace both sides at the same time.

Electronic Components failure is most common, Its important that buyers are aware that when purchasing the gear kits, its strongly recommended that a full rebuild by us is carried out as kits do not fix units that has a fault.



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